Year 2 - Topic wk.5

Hello Year 2,

Today we are going to be looking at how we can identify plants and classify them.

Think about some different types of plants you know. What's the same and what's different about them? What categories could we sort them into?

We could sort these plants into many different categories. What categories can you think of?




Where they grow?

How they grow?

How they disperse their seeds?

Watch this video about plant classify. It's really useful.

The video classified the plants four categories for example plants with seeds (e.g. flowering plants and conifers), and plants without seeds (e.g. ferns and mosses). What else did the video teach us?

The diagram below is called a Dichotomous. You can use these to help you identify things. This one is to help you identify plants. In order to make these you need to classify your plants. Can you use it to help you identify a plant?

We will be looking at these in more detail in next weeks lesson!

From, Amy!

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