Year 2 - Topic wk.4

Good morning year 2,

This week our focus in our topic lesson is on the conditions that affect germination. Germination is the scientific word for when the plant grows from the seed. We have already looked at what plants need to grow so this week we can think about how these conditions can affect germination.

Let's think back to what plants need to survive.

Three of the main things plants need to grow are soil, water and sunlight.

Do you think the plants would grow without any of these factors?

Before we watch a video showing us an experiment I want you to predict what may happen. Use the grid below or draw your own to predict what would happen in each condition.

Now that you have predicted what would happen, watch the video below to find out what happened in the experiment.

Were your predictions correct?

What have you learnt?

Maybe you could do your own experiment.

Miss you all,


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