Year 2 - Topic wk.3


This week in our topic lesson we are going to think about seed dispersal. Seed dispersal is the movement of seeds away from the plant. A plant produces many seeds. If all the seeds just fell to the ground not many would germinate. The area would become overcrowded and there would not be enough water or minerals for them all. Plants have developed so that the seeds can be transported in many different ways.

Some plants use wind.

Sycamore and dandelions both have adapted to use the wind to carry the seeds away, when the seeds are ready. Have a look at the pictures below.

Some use people and animals.

Some plants such as cockleburs have developed to grow tiny hooks on their fruits which hook on to animals (or people) that pass by the plant. Eventually, they will drop off on to the ground.

Some roll.

Some fruits, such as horse chestnuts, have a casing around them which cracks open when it hits the ground. The fruit inside then rolls away from the tree. You can tell which horse chestnuts in the trees are ripe because their casings have already begun to split open before they drop.

With the help of an adult can you do some research to find out other ways that seeds disperse.

You could think about how poppy seeds disperse.

You could think about how water lilies disperse.

You could think about how coconuts disperse.

Have fun!


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