Year 2 - Topic (wk 3)


Last week in our topic lesson we looked at features of a coastal area. Today we are going to compare a city with a coastal town. We will be thinking about what is similar and what is different.

Let's look at some pictures!

The first set of pictures are from London the city we live in! Whilst looking through them think about how they compare to a seaside?

What are some words that come to mind when looking at these pictures?

Think about the area around your house, what can you see, make note of any features.

Next, we are going to look at some pictures of a place called St Ives. St Ives is a coastal town in Cornwall. Have a look on the map!

St Ives is located by the red circle. Can you spot London on the map as well? Notice how far away they are from each other. We can also see that st Ives is near the sea and London is not.

Now let's have a look at some pictures of St Ives.

Now, let's think about comparing them. Comparing is when we think about the similarities (things that are the same) and differences (things that are different) between the two places.

You could use a sheet like this to record your findings!

One example to start you off. One difference I see is that in London a lot of the buildings are high rise and there are lots of skyscrapers whereas, in St Ives, there aren't any high rise buildings or skyscrapers.

Have a go! You can search for more pictures on the internet to help you.


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