Year 2 - Topic wk.2

Hello, Year 2,

This week in our topic lesson we are going to be looking at different parts of a plant and what they do.

The four main parts of the plant that we are going to be looking at today are the roots, the stem, the leaf and the flower. Let's see what you already know, can you put these four parts correctly on the diagram below?

Let's look at each part in detail.

First, we have the roots. The roots are the part of the flower that is in the soil. The job of the roots is to absorb minerals and water from the soil. The roots are often quite long in order to collect as much water and minerals as they can as we know that plants need water to survive.

Next, we have the stem. The stem is the long part of the flower that connects the roots to the flower. The job of the stem is to transport water from roots around the plant.

We then have leaves. The leaves have a very important job as they make food for the plant. They do this by using the CO2 or carbon dioxide from the air and the sunlight to produce the food.

Next, we have the flower. The flower is a colourful part at the top compromising of lots of petals. The flowers job is to attract insects (do you remember how this links to pollination?).

We are going to talk about one additional part of the plant now called the anther. The anther is the part of

the plant that releases pollen. This then attaches to birds and insects and is then dropped onto other plants so that pollination can take place. The anthers in this picture are the yellow parts inside of the flower.

Your task for today is to match the parts of the plant with the jobs they do.

Try and write this down on a piece of paper!

Extension: Draw pictures to go with each part of the plant!

Good luck,


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