Year 2 - Topic (wk 2)

Hello, Year 2,

Today in our topic lesson we are going to think all about the features of coastlines!

This is a coastline in the UK.

What can you spot in this picture that are features of a coastline?

Can you find the coast? (The coast is where the land ends).

Can you find the bay? (The bay is where the water meets the land and curves around).

Can you find the beach? (This is a pebbly or sandy shore which is met by the sea).

Can you find the cliff? (This is a steep rock face, often found by the sea).

Can you find the arch? (This is the bit of rock with a curved opening).

We can not see one in the picture but you can also find caves at the coastline.

Find some more pictures on the internet of coasts and try and find these features. (An adult can help you find pictures!).

Below are some helpful pictures of what features a coast may have. These are also keywords of the topic so make sure you have a look through the pictures!

From Amy!

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