Year 2 - Science (wk 2)

Good morning year 2!

I hope you enjoyed last weeks Science lesson about how to recognise if things are alive, dead or have never been living.

This week our topic focus is on habitats. Can you remember what a habitat is?

A habitat is a home environment for animals and plants. Habitats range from forests to grasslands and from mountain slopes to deserts. Habitats provide animals with all the things it needs to live. What do you think animals need to survive?

Watch this video to find out more about habitats, what they provide for the animals and how animals adapt to live in their habitat.

This video has taught us that habitats need to provide, food, shelter, air and water to be a suitable habitat for an animal.

Below is a world map showing is where in the world certain animals may be found. Have a look at where the animals are and think about why they may live there?

Have a think about your favourite animal and where its habitat is? Think about why it lives there. Write a few sentences and draw a picture of that habitat with your favourite animal in it.

Have fun Year 2,


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