Year 2 - Science (wk5)


In science so far this half term we have looked at how to tell if something is living, animals habitats and food chains. Today we are going to be thinking about plant habitats as we often look at animal habitats but don't think about plant habitats.

Just like animals plants are suited to the place they live. We are going to look at five habitats and think about the plants that may grow there.

The first is the desert. A desert is a hot dry place where not many plants can grow. Cacti can survive in the desert because they have a lot of shallow roots which collect any small amount of water in the ground. Their stems can store this water for a long time. The spikes on cacti are actually leaves. They protect the plant from being eaten by animals. The spikes also stop air flowing near the cactus, which keeps water in. Below is a picture of a cactus in the desert.

The next habitat is the seaside. Plants that live at the seaside need to be able to survive in strong winds, bright sunshine, salty air and shallow sandy soil.

These are some plants that you may see by the seaside.

Next is the Savana. The savana is a large area of grassland in Africa. Animals such as lions, wildebeest, zebras and giraffe live in the savanna. However, during other parts of the year, there are heavy rains. Trees have thick trunks to store some of this water to use during the dry season.

Then there is the woodlands. The woodlands are a large area of land covered in trees. Below are some of the plants you would find in the woodlands.

The final habitat plants may grow is under the sea. Plants need at least some sunlight to grow, so in the deepest parts of the sea, plants can’t grow. However, in more shallow water, plants can grow. Some plants float on the surface of the water to get sunlight. Below are some plants that grow under the sea.

Your task today is to read about each of these plants and match them up to their correct habitat.

Extension - Write down the reason you think that plant belongs in that habitat.


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