Year 2 Science (wk 3)

Good morning year 2,

Last week we began to look at habitats, can you remember the four things a habitat has to provide to be a suitable home for an animal? Have a look back if you can't!

Today we are going to be thinking about what animals live near the seaside and their habitats. Can you think of any animals that live near the sea?

Task 1

Have a look at these animals below. Label each animal correctly and then think about whether this animals habitat is near the seaside or not.

Once you have decided which animals you think live near the seaside try and sort them into these three categories birds, mammals, plants and minibeasts. You can also add in any others that aren't on the picture above.

Once you have finished, check the answers below to see how many you placed correctly. (Do not look until you've had a go!).

Task 2

Finally read about beach habitats to learn some more!


Have a go at answering these questions about the reading!

Well done year 2!


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