Year 2 - Science Wk 1

Hello, Year 2,

This term in science we are going to be thinking about animals and where they live!

In our first lesson, we need to think about how we can identify things that are living, dead or have never been alive.

Below are some pictures, have a go at sorting them into three groups: things that are alive, things that were once alive and things that have never been alive.

Think about how you know where each item goes. What characteristics do they share?

Let's see if you're correct!

Did you get them all correct, don't worry if not!

There are certain things all living things do and this is how we could check to see if something is alive.

1. It has to be able to move (even plants move towards sunlight!)

2. They need to be able to make more of their own type, e.g. have babies or lay eggs!

3. Feed- so animals will eat food and plants will get nutrients from the soil.

4. Grow- all living things need to be able to grow.

5. Get rid of waste - just like how humans go to the toilet.

6. Need oxygen to survive.

If something used to be able to do all these things but now can't we can say it once lived. If a thing could never do all those things we can say it has never been alive.

Now let's try another sorting task. Can you sort these items into Living, dead and never been alive. Use the criteria above to help you assess each item!

Well done for completing this science lesson Year 2!


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