Year 2 - English (wk5)

Good morning year 2,

This week in English we are going to be focusing on SPaG. We are going to be looking at apostrophes.


We have looked at the two types of apostrophes this year; apostrophes for possession and apostrophes for contraction. Can you remember what these mean? Let's recap.

Possessive apostrophes are when someone owns something as it's their possession. For example "It was Amy's pencil that was on the floor" or "Simon's chair had broken". This shows possession as Amy owned the pencil and Simon owned his chair.

Apostrophes for contraction is when we have two words and we contract them into one word. The apostrophe is used for the missing letters. For example 'do + not = don't' and 'we + have = we've'.

Here is a poster to sum it up.

Have a go at filling in the blanks of this worksheet about possessive apostrophes. The first one has been done for you.

Finally, have a go at this worksheet about contractions.

Well done year 2 keep working hard,


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