Year 2 - English (wk4)

Hello year 2,

This week in English we are thinking about tongue twisters!

Tongue twisters are a sequence of words which are difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly.

Have a go at saying this one a few times quickly.

Tongue twisters usually have lots of alliteration in. Do you remember what alliteration is?

Alliteration is when a word starts with the same letter or sound. Can you remember the alliteration we made for our names? Mine was amazing Amy! What was yours?

Our task

Our task this week is to create tongue twisters for our topic Beachcombers.

Make sure your tongue twister has lots of alliteration.

A good way to start is by planning some alliterations about the beach or something you would find at the beach.

Below are some examples.

Once you have created some get someone at home to try and say it a without making any mistakes!

Have fun,


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