Year 2 - English wk.6

Good morning Year 2,

For the last two weeks of English, we will be looking at a story called 'The day the crayons quit'. Before we listen to the story you need to predict what the story will be about. Try to write a few sentences about what the story will be about and what may happen throughout the story. Have a look at the front cover of the book to help you!

Now listen to the story below!

What happened in the story?

How do you think the crayons are feeling?

How do you think Duncan felt when he read the letters?

Your task for this week is to write letters to the crayons as Duncan asking them not to quit. You will have to be very persuasive as the crayons really want to quit.

You could use a template like this to help you.

Think about the questions below to help you write a letter.

Why shouldn't they quit?

What will Duncan use them for now?

Why does he need them?

Will he say sorry?

How will he solve this problem?

I would love to read some of your letters to the crayons! You can send them to me at

Have fun,


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