Year 2 - English wk.5


This week in English we are going to be focusing on reading! Reading can be lots of fun but you may not find it as fun if you do not understand the book or text. A key skill in reading is comprehension which simply means understanding.

Try this comprehension task that links to our topic. Remember if you do not know the answer read the text again! It's always a good idea to read something twice to ensure you understand.

Can you answer these questions?

If you are unsure have another read of the text to help you!

(You do not need to print this out, just write the answers in full sentences on a piece of paper).

It is always important that we understand what we are reading.

Here are some really useful question cards. Can you answer all these questions about the book you are reading at the moment? Try and use these cards whenever you are reading or have finished a book to ensure you understood. These will help you with your comprehension skills.

Can you think of any other questions you may ask?

Have fun,


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