Year 2 - English wk.4


This week our English lesson links really nicely into all our work on plants. This week we are going to create storyboards on how plants grow. To do this we need to think of the stages a plant goes through.

Watch the video below which shows you the life cycle of a plant. The video talks about germination and seed dispersal which is a good recap from our topic lessons.

Your task today is to create a storyboard of a life cycle of a particular plant. You are free to choose whatever plant or flower you like.

Your storyboard should look like this (you don't need to print it you can make your own). It needs to have a picture and some writing for each stage to explain what is happening.

This video shows the life cycle of a sunflower. It gives stages of growth which you could use for your storyboard.

Yours may look something like this but with writing included.

Remember you can choose any plant you want. You may want a grown-up to help you research your chosen plant. Try to use keywords when explaining the life cycle of your chosen plant.

You can send them to me at

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