Year 2 - English wk.1


This week in English we are going to be looking at sensory poems.

A sensory poem is a poem that explores the five senses.

Can you think of the five senses?

The five senses are taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing.

Let’s look at some examples of good sensory poems.

Identify each of the senses.

Now let's look at another sensory poem about winter:


Winter smells like chimney smoke.

Winter tastes like a hot chocolate burning my mouth.

Winter looks like heaven.

Winter is the feel of my boots crunching through the snow.

Winter sounds like snow falling gently from the sky.

Now let’s try and write our own sensory poem!

Below is a worksheet to help you write a sensory poem about summer, which is the season we are in now. Have a go at finishing these lines to create your own poem.

Once you have done this you could write your own sensory poem on a topic of your choice!

Have fun,


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