Year 2- English Wk 1.

Hello, Year 2,

Today in English we are going to be thinking about adverbs. Can you remember what an adverb is?

Lets recap - An adverb describes a verb. (Remember a Verb is an action word such as runs, swims or jump). An adverb tells you more about a verb, it may tell you where, why or how something is being done.

For example in the sentence "Amy shouted loudly" shouted is the verb and loudly is the adverb. The word loudly tells you how I am doing this action and gives you more information.

In the sentence "Abigal threw the ball up" threw is the verb and up is the adverb. The adverb of up is telling us where she threw the ball.

Below is a word mat giving us lots of adverbs we could use in our writing.

Have a go at the worksheet below. Use the adverb word mat to help you think of words if you are struggling.

Can you make up any more sentences with adverbs in them? Have a go!


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