Year 1 - Week 5

Hello Year One and welcome to week five of our superhero topic. I hope you have enjoyed the topic so far. Last week we learnt about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and their amazing work, during the International day of the nurses. This week we continue to think of our everyday superheroes; who are they? Pick a superhero and think about what super powers could help them with their job e.g. a firefighter could do with being able to shoot water from their wrists! Give your superhero a snazzy title then make up a superhero story. Listen to a story on you tube to inspire you like Topsy and Tim meet the firefighters...

Don't forget to keep doing all the things you would normally be doing daily e.g. reading books online, working on your everyday counting and phonics each day, and even keeping a diary. Here are some other things you could be doing.

Finally look at the life of Roald Amundsen and other explorers at that time. What race was he involved in and what happened during his exploration? Imagine you were part of his crew. Write a diary about your experiences - what was life like? How did you feel?

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