Year 1 - Trigraphs

Trigraphs are when 3 letters make one sound in a word, like igh in frighten or ure in manure. They can often be some of the trickiest sounds to recognise in words.

You can revise some of these sounds on phonics play, alphablocks and Mr Thorne does phonics on you tube.

Can you try and find and write words with these trigraphs and put them into an interesting sentence?

Choose a set of spellings to learn and again use look, cover and check to help you remember them and put the words in sentences.

1. beard 1. disappear

2. tearing 2. underwear

3. unclear 3. heartache

4. funfair 4. stairway

5. despair 5. fairground

6.airmail 6. millionaire

7. texture 7. temperature

8. picture 8. signature

9. sighed 9. nightshirt

10. tighter 10. tightrope

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