Year 1 - Hansel and Gretel

This week we are looking at the traditional tale Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne. This story has wonderful illustrations that really capture the mood of this story. Listen to the story and pause as you go to look at the illustrations. What do you notice?

Then answer the comprehension questions. There are also plenty of free Hansel and Gretel resources on twinkl.

Can you retell the story? Can you make story puppets and pretend to be the characters?

The brothers Grimm wrote the original fairy story. Can you find out what other stories they wrote? If you could interview them today, what questions would you ask them?

Can you create your own house made of sweets? Or one that looks like it has been?

Make a story map that shows the main places and events in the story.

Enjoy the story and if you want to email me any photos or work I would love to see it.

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Take care Orange Class xxx

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