Year 1 Comparing Jungles and British Woodlands.

For the past few weeks we have been learning about different forests found near the equator, such as mangrove forests and cloud forests. This week we will now be comparing

tropical forests to British woodlands.

What do you think the difference would be? Would the weather we different? Would the plants and trees be different? Would you see a different variety of insects and animals? On the left is a British woodland. You can probably see that there is not as much undergrowth and there are clear paths.

Did you think of some differences and similarities between British woodland and tropical jungles such as tropical seasonal forests, mangroves or cloud forests? Can you make a list of the similarities and difference you might see? What would you wear, or take with you, for a walk in woodlands near you?

Perhaps you can take a closer look at the trees and plants around you when you next go for a walk in your local park. Can you find any evergreen or deciduous trees and plants? I hope you are enjoying finding all about different forests. This reminds me I must make the effort to go on a long walk. Happy learning guys.

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