Year 1 - Cloud Forests week 4

Hello Year One and welcome to week 4 of our topic. This week we will be learning about a very different kind of forest; the cloud forests of Costa Rica. Look at the picture below, what do you see?

Draw a picture of a cloud forest. Describe it. You can use some of the words you have seen above. Can you find out more about the cloud forests and write a recount imagining what you would see in a cloud forest? What would you do if you went there on an adventure? Can you write a descriptive and repetitive poem about your journey? You could use alliteration e.g.

" Walking through the cloud forest what can you see? I can see a sleepy, slow, sloth looking at me!"

Add as many verses as you can think of. I would love to see them!

I don't know about you, but I would love to visit the cloud forest in Costa Rica as it looks so beautiful. I hope you are enjoying our topic so far. Lok at this amazing video.

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