Y6 Reading - The London Eye Mystery

This book has bugged me for some time. I started reading it a while ago but, for reasons I can't remember, I never finished it. Reading a mystery story and never finding out what really happened is frustrating! I really must find a copy and finish it off.

This is the book for today's reading tasks which are all about considering how and why the writer chooses specific language.

Watch Oti Mabuse read 2 extracts from the book.

There are then 3 questions to pause and think about and 3 activities:

Activity 1 - what can we learn about different characters?

Activity 2 - how do the writer's choices impact you as a reader?

Activity 3 - all about idioms (Scroll down this page for an explanation)

Click the picture or here to get to the lesson.

Idioms - When the words that are used don't actually help someone understand what is meant. Such as, 'She drives me up the wall" or "It's not really my cup of tea."

Watch this for more examples of English idioms.

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