Y6 MyMaths

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you are all now in a routine of completing the White Rose daily tasks linked to this site. They are really good and explain the tasks clearly as well as giving you a chance to practise.

Now that you should be settled into that routine, I have set 3 Mymaths tasks to help you revise topics that we have learnt in class.

1) Order of operations: BODMAS (look it up if you can't remember)

2) Statistics (graphs and stuff!)

3) Area of triangles - we did this fairly recently, area of the rectangle and halve it - remember now?

If you can not remember your log in details for Mymaths, ask an adult to help you email me and I will send you your details.

Well done everybody. Keep going!

I know I went on a lot about you needing to be independent learners, but I promise this is not what I had in mind!


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