Y6 Music Lesson - Week 5 - 18.05.20


You will need a pen or a pencil and a flat surface. This could be a table/chair/book/tray.

TAP the bottom of your pen when you see the picture of the crayon standing up

TAP your pencil on it's side on the flat surface when it's lying down.

They should make two different sounds. Keep in time.

Have fun!

MAMBO by Leonard Bernstein.

This piece of music was written for the musical West Side Story.

West Side Story is a musical version of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet tells the love story of Romeo and Juliet and the rivalry between their families, The Montagues and The Capulets.

West Side Story modernises the story so that it is set in 1950 in New York, Romeo and Juliet are replaced with Tony and Maria, and the two rival gangs are called The Jets and The Sharks.

WATCH Pixie Lott introduce The Mambo.

LISTEN to the full recording of THE MAMBO

Can you hear...

Tony and Maria falling in love?

A fight between The Jets and The Sharks?

Everyone dancing at a party?

LISTEN AGAIN and this time CLAP the rhythm.

Count in 8's out loud as you clap.

CHOOSE A NUMBER from 1 to 8.

This will be your special number.

Now tap the beats on your legs, count it you head, and when you get to your special number shout it out loud.

For 2 or more players

Each choose a number, and then SHOUT out your number when you get to it. Pat and count in your head.

PLAY your special number. Try doing this along with The Mambo clip.

Choose an instrument, or something that makes a noise, to PLAY your special number.

For 2 or more players

Make sure you each choose different sounding numbers to play your number.


Create a Dance move to replace your special number.

Have up to 3 special numbers each with their own dance moves.

Listen, count and dance!

WATCH a CLIP from the film West Side Story.

See how The Jets and The Sharks are in competition on the dance floor.

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