Y6 Music Lesson - Week 1 - 20.04.20

Welcome back! I hope you had a good break.

We're going to start of with our rhythm warm up, and now it's time to move onto Level 4!

How are you going to play your rhythms. You can...



Tap on a table or chair

Tap on a paper/plastic cup/plastic bottle with a pen/pencil

Tap on a homemade drum - take away/ice-cream tub

Tap using two wooden spoon handles.

ASK and ADULT before you start using the furniture to tap on!

These rhythms are MUCH more difficult, so take your time and say the rhythm using the Kodaly rhythm words.

Practise with the chart below


Anna Meredith is a young, Scottish composer, and writes all sorts of music.

Anna wrote this piece of music using the canon structure.

A canon is where two or more instruments, voices or sounds play the same music, but starting at different times. Sometime we call this 'a round'

This piece gets us to explore the sounds that our bodies are capable of making.

In this piece, human beings are the instruments – a human orchestra has been created.

LISTEN and WATCH the whole piece.

Write down, in your own way, the structure fo the piece.

That means when they are performing in a canon, or unison.

I want you to SPOT the following things.

1. When they are all making their Body Percussion (BP) pattern of sounds in a CANON. That means all going the same thing but at different times like a Mexican wave.

2. When they are all in UNISON - that means all doing the same BP and sounds at the same time.

3. Notice how when they cross the room they are all in UNISON, but then as they cross they go into a CANON, and then they go back to being in UNISON.

4. Which parts of the body are being used to create the sounds?


Copy the different BP (Body Percussion) moves on the clip below.

Try all three rhythms.

If you are doing it with more than one person you can get them to choose a person to copy.


Make up a simple sounds body percussion pattern of your own.

BE CAREFUL - don't make your pattern too long, otherwise you won't be able to remember it.

Do each action for 4 counts.

For example...

Stamp x 4

Pat x 4

Click x 4

Chest pat x 4

Then repeat it on a loop.

Use your own ideas.

You could have one of the sounds as a vocal sound, like 'Oooooo' if you like.

Write it down.

Practise it.

Teach it to someone else in the house, and then do it in a canon.

That means you start first and tell them when they have to join in, then they carry on. So you are doing the same pattern at different times.

Good Luck!

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