Y6 Music Lesson 25.03.20


Let's start with a rhythm warm up.

Watch the clip

1st Time - read and say the rhythm names out loud, like Ta and TeTe.

2nd Time - Clap the rhythm

When you see this sign, (look at where the arrow is pointing in the picture) it means repeat. Watch out for the repeats!


Sing along to Land of the Silver Birch.

This version is quite slow, so I recommend clicking on settings (cog wheel icon, bottom right hand side) and changing the speed to 1.50 or 1.75. Change it back afterwards, otherwise all your clips will be too fast!


Add ostinato (repeated) rhythm

Pat Dip dip and swing, using alternate hands on legs, and add a finger click at the end.

Dip, dip and swing, click

Sing the song at the same time as patting and clicking the ostinato rhythm.



Make your own beatboxing pattern.

Start by using only 2 sounds.

Draw a grid to help you organise your sounds. Write them in.

Use notation to help you create your rhythms for the sounds. For example, crotchets and quavers. See sheet below for a reminder.

Beatbox your sounds in a continuous loop.

Speed it up, but keep it steady.

Record (you can do this on a smartphone) and listen.


Use 3 sounds, and different rhythms.

Make two different patterns and teach someone else in your home, and beatbox together.

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