Y6 - Living things, skeleton

Let's revise some more about the human body, starting with your skeletal system.


You have an endoskeleton - meaning that it is inside your body. (As opposed to an exoskeleton or a hydrostatic skeleton)

Your skeleton has THREE jobs.

1) It protects your body parts.


Skull - protects your brain

Ribs - protect your heart and lungs

Backbone - protects your spinal cord, which sends messages from your brain to all parts of your body.

2) It lets you move.

Muscles are attached to your bones and the bones have joints so your skeleton can bend.

3) It supports your body.

Your skeleton allows you to stand upright and holds everything in place. Without it, you would just be a blob on the floor!

Add to this knowledge by looking through these links for more information and some short quizzes to help you remember new information:

What does your skeleton do?

How do your muscles work?

And because I love the way Dr Chris and Dr Xand present information, here is some more on the skeleton from them.

as you can imagine, they have plenty of videos about bones and bone marrow and all sorts so you can look those up for yourself.

What else can you find out about the bones themselves?

What are they made of?

What does the inside of a bone look like?

What does the bone marrow do for you?

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