Y6 I.D Week One

What are my values?

The chapter 'Be Kind' in our book Wonder is the one where Mr Browne teaches the class about 'precepts'. Rules about important things. It starts on p45.

Here is the same chapter in the film version.

In the book, Auggie's teacher Mr Browne ask the class to think of some important things, they have various answers but not the one he is looking for.

"WHO WE ARE" is the most important thing for Mr Browne.

This is echoed in our Oasis Habits - becoming the best versions of ourselves and we start our topic 'I.D.' (Identity) by thinking more about who we are and who we want to become.

This is from our topic Knowledge Organiser from a previous post.


Draw 4 speech bubbles onto some paper.

In each bubble, write what you would like someone else to say or think about you.

For example:

S/he is kind, sporty, funny, clever.....

S/he is honest, patient, brave.....

His/her faith is important to them.

Speaking out when things are not fair is important to them.

Don't rush this - give it some proper time and thought. It doesn't have to be things that you are already good at - but it can be things that you want to be good at. These can be parts of ourselves that we want to work on.

The way that we want others to see us can help us recognise what our values are.

Personal values are the things that are important to us, the characteristics and behaviours that motivate us and guide our decisions.

When we know how we want others to see us, then we can make the right decisions to help

this come true.

I want to be known as patient? This is important to me? So next time my patience is being tested, I will remember this and try extra hard to show my patience.

I want to be seen as brave?

I will base my next decision on choosing the option that needs me to be brave and not avoid it.

Do you see what I mean?

Once we know what the things (values) that are most important to us are, these can become the guiding stars helping us make good decisions that reflect our chosen values.

Think about this carefully - it could be life changing!

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