Y6 Grammar - Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct speech - the actual words that are spoken.

"I hope you have all had a go at the Sumdog competition," said Leanne to the whole class.

Indirect speech (sometimes called reported speech) - reporting back what had been said, without using all of the actual words.

Leanne told the class that she hoped they had all had a go at the Sumdog competition.

Follow this link for 2 videos and 3 activities to go over these punctuation tools.

(I tried to find a fun song to put here about direct speech but it turns out, there weren't any so I will add a gif at the bottom instead.)

& if you haven't tried the Sumdog competition yet, you have until Thursday. We currently have the most children taking part, so let's keep it that way! We are competing against all the other Oasis Academies across the country.

* Follow the link on this page.

* Use your Mymaths login

* Play the games, score points & check the leaderboards!

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