Y6 Gallery Rebels 4 : Art as news in the 1800's

We left our journey through art history in the Renaissance period as European artists were rediscovering art and finding new ways to make art more beautiful and more true to life. This was in the 15th and 16th centuries.

We looked at how in the Middle Ages, many people couldn't read and so artists were asked to paint scenes from the Bible on the walls. As time went on, art was used to tell people about other things too.

From 1800, before photography was invented, drawing and painting were the only ways of showing people what was going on in the world. Some artists decided that instead of painting religious scenes or pretty landscapes, they would create dramatic scenes showing events that were happening around them. Artists had to become like newspaper reporters - looking out for news stories, researching the facts behind them and where possible, interviewing people who might have information.

Often the resulting paintings showed frightening scenes because painters wanted to shock people into thinking hard about what was going on in the world.

This painting by Spanish artist, Francisco de Goya is simply called, The Second of May 1808. It shows the awful fighting happening in Madrid at the time. He wanted people to know what was happening and to see how violent things had become.

How could you draw the news?

Think about some of the things going on across the world at the moment - watch some Newsround if you want to catch up on latest information.

How could you draw this so that other people could see your pictures and see how Coronavirus has affected lives?

Or focus on your own life and use pictures to show how your life has been changed this last few weeks.

Either way, try to communicate only with pictures and drawings. No words.

Or you could make a book with a piece of paper....we did this in class...


Then use your booklet to make a series of small pictures to show different things about what is happening across the world, or what is happening just for you.

Have a go at drawing the news.

I would love to see some of your art work so if you can, take a picture and e-mail to me: leanne.acar@oasisjohanna.org

Enjoy drawing

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