Y6 Gallery Rebels 4 : 1600's, 1700's & which art movement are you?!

We left our community of artists in the Renaissance (re-birth) period which lasted from somewhere around 1300 - 1600.

A new way of mixing pigments with oil with oils had been discovered which meant that artists could take their time when painting and they worked hard to make their paintings as life like as possible. Renaissance artists were praised for making the subjects of their paintings so life like.

A quick time hop over the next few years:

1600's : Baroque

'Baroque' is the name given to art in the 17th century. Drama and emotion became important in art. Artists began to paint other things than religious scenes and significant events in history. Artists enjoyed painting portraits, landscapes, still life* and scenes from everyday life.

This painting is by Diego Velázquez in 1620. It is simply called, 'The Lunch'.

It looks like a very serious conversation doesn't it.

What do you think they might be talking about?

1700's: Rococo

A popular style of art across Europe at this point was called Rococo. This is quite a hard one to describe, it is very curly and twirly! Rococo art is quite romantic and has lots of themes around love and fun. It might be easier to look up some examples for yourself and see if you can spot some themes in the style?

Here is a famous painting that captures the Rococo spirit. It is called The Swing and was painted in 1767.

Oops! Look what has happened to her shoe!

I wonder why the man on the left is laying in the bushes?

Which art movement are you?

There have been so many different styles of art through the ages - so many more than I can blog about here.

Plus, I have focused on European art but there is a whole planet of art history out there waiting for you to discover!! African art, aboriginal art, Inuit art, Latino .......

Try this fun quiz to see which art movement you are most similar to!

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