Y6 Gallery Rebels 1 : Introduction

Our new topic is on the theme of art history, I have used these books and some websites to find out lots of information and it has made me think about art in a different way!

and ...

Firstly, What is art?

Here are some thoughts to get you started.

  • It is not just drawing. It can be collage, mosaic, prints, photography, sculptures, painting and many other media.

  • It can show happiness, anger, pain, wonder, sadness and many other emotions.

  • It is not just in galleries. It can be in churches, public buildings, in parks, on streets, in magazines - art is all around us.

  • It can show a meaningful idea or be a historical source that teaches us about the lifestyle of people in the past and the present.

  • It can be rebellious, controversial, dramatic and spiritual.

  • It can be pretty or horrifying, scandalous and challenging.

  • It can be realistic or abstract, symbolic, imaginary, distorted or an impression.

  • It is for people of all ages.

What do you think?

How many artists can you name already?

Do you know any famous paintings or works of art?

Do you know anything about the different styles of art that exist?

Does the thought of this topic excite you? Confuse you? Intrigue you?

Year 6, let's start this topic with an open mind and see what we can learn together.

On we go, let's start with early prehistoric art up to the year1850. I'll see you on the next post in our Gallery Rebels topic!

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