Y5 Music Lesson - Week 5 - 18.05.20


You will need a pen or a pencil and a flat surface. This could be a table/chair/book/tray.

TAP the bottom of your pen when you see the picture of the crayon standing up

TAP your pencil on it's side on the flat surface when it's lying down.

They should make two different sounds. Keep in time.

Have fun!


The Tudors loved to dance. The dances were set dances where everyone followed a pattern of steps.

Listen to Bransle de Chevaux.

Can you hear the different Tudor instruments playing? Which ones can you hear?

Chevaux means 'horses' in French.

Watch these children dance the dance, and see how they stamp their feet like an impatient horse!

COPY THE DANCE and join in. Have fun!

I have posted two different versions of the dance. Try them both out. Get your family to join in.

SING-A-LONG to this weeks Tudor Song.

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