Y5 Music Lesson - Week 3 - 04.05.20

Let's warm up our hands with some finger exercises.

Watch out, they're harder than they look!


A fanfare is music that announces the entrance, or the beginning of someone or something important with music.

A fanfare makes you stop what your are doing and listen and look.

It's loud and important sounding.

Fanfares are used to welcome Kings and Queens, announce the start of the Olympic Games, announce the start of a film, etc.

LISTEN to these fanfares. You don't have to listen to them all the way through, just enough so you get an idea of what a fanfare sounds like.

What instruments can you hear?

Think of some sentences to welcome the Tudor Kings and Queens.

For example,

Here comes the king.

We all bow down.

CLAP them


You can either try to write them like I have, with the music notation.

Or you can just write your phrase and clap it.

Keep them for next week so we can play your rhythms on tuned instruments.

Watch this space!

SING-a-long to the Mary Tudor song

Mary Ist was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII's. She was the Queen before Elizabeth Ist.

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