Y5 Music Lesson - Week 1 - 20.04.20

Welcome back! I hope you had a good break.

We're going to start of with our rhythm warm up, and now it's time to move onto Level 4!

How are you going to play your rhythms. You can...



Tap on a table or chair

Tap on a paper/plastic cup/plastic bottle with a pen/pencil

Tap on a homemade drum - take away/ice-cream tub

Tap using two wooden spoon handles.

ASK and ADULT before you start using the furniture to tap on!

These rhythms are MUCH more difficult, so take your time and say the rhythm using the Kodaly rhythm words.

Practise with the chart below

If those rhythms are too hard, go back to perfect Level 3.


Music and dance were a big part of Tudor life, and nearly all people played a musical instrument or sang.

The instruments looked a bit different to the ones that we use today.

Watch the clip so you can learn all about the different instruments, how they are played and what they sound like.


King Henry VIII enjoyed music very much. He wrote this song 'Pastime with good company'

Pastime is another word for a hobby, something enjoyable that you do to pass the time.

The strong pulse is marked by the drum.

Can you tap along with the following ostinato rhythm, either use one of your homemade instruments or do some body percussion.

The rhythm is played by the drum at the start of the music.



Can you name two of the instrument families you can hear?

SING ALONG to the Terrifying Tudors - Horrible Histories.

I love this song. So catchy!

What's your favourite line? Mine is 'Just popping out to chop some wives!'

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