Y5 Music Lesson - Term 6 Week 1 - 01.06.20

Let's find out more about Samba band.

Jonas is 12 and lives on the edge of Rio de Janeiro, a big city on Brazil.

He plays in a Samba band.

Watch and listen to him telling you all about it. Then answer the questions in the quiz.



  1. What is Samba Batucada?

  2. How would you describe the sound of Samba music?

  3. What instruments are used in Samba Batucada?

  4. When is Samba music played?

  5. What is Carnival?


We’re going to use the names of fruit from Brazil, from A to G to create some rhythms.


A – Avocado

B – Banana

C – Coconut

D – Date

E – Eggnut

F – Fig

G - Guava

LEVEL 1 - PAT 1 2 3 4 on your legs and then CLAP the letters and words in red.

SAY it out loud as you do it, say rest in a whisper.

Keep it going so it flows from one line to the next.

LEVEL 2– Do the same but say the words in your head.

LEVEL 3– Do it with the backing track.

Samba Drum Metronome Loop – 60 BPM

Listen to the Sambalele Sing-a-long clip and pat the pulse.

Try to sing along with the chorus.

Say it first

Samba, Samba, Sambo Le Le

Samba, Samba, Sambo La La

Samba, Samba, Samba Le Le

No barra de saia o la la

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