Y4 Wk 3 Traders and raiders

Hi Blue Class,

So far we have been looking at the Anglo Saxons and how they lived in Britain. We are going to continue down the timeline to see who came after the Anglo Saxons. Here's a clue...

It's the Vikings!

Start by writing down everything you already know about the Vikings.

Who were the Vikings?

Watch the video here and answer the following questions:

1. When did the Vikings arrive in Britain?

2. Where did they come from? (three countries)

3. What does the work 'Viking' mean?

4. Name three things the Vikings were good at.

5. The Vikings spoke a language called Norse, can you name three Norse words we still use today?

Viking Longships

The vikings arrived on amazing boats they called Longboats. Bet you can guess why they were called that!

Watch this video to find out all about Longboats.

You can find out lots of facts about Longboats here.

Maybe you can have a go at drawing or your own Viking longboat!

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