Y4 Trader and Raiders wk2

Last week we started to look at the Anglo Saxons.

This week you have a very special project; you need to research, design and create an Anglo Saxon Village! You can do this however you like, you could use recycled items like cereal boxes, paper and other materials you can find to make the village. Or you can draw it, it's up to you.


First we need to find out what an Anglo Saxon village looked like. Here are a couple of helpful lines to watch. Look at the materials their buildings were made of and how the villages were set out.

You can take a tour of an Anglo Saxon village here

Learn about life in a village here


You will need to plan your village, look at picture online and in the video to make sure your village is accurate. You can use your Blue books to plan a drawing of your ideas.


Gather your materials, whether that's colouring pens, paper, recycled materials or anything else you can find and get making!

I would love to see your final villages when you're finished! Emma.Grove@oasisjohanna.org

Have fun


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