Y4 Music Lesson - Week 5 - 18.05.20


You will need a pen or a pencil and a flat surface. This could be a table/chair/book/tray.

TAP the bottom of your pen when you see the picture of the crayon standing up

TAP your pencil on it's side on the flat surface when it's lying down.

They should make two different sounds. Keep in time.

Have fun!


'Odin, mighty world-creator' song retells the story from last weeks episode

Loki tells how he stood at Odin's shoulder as Odin creates three realms

Jotunheim(home for the giants, his enemies);

Midgard(home for 'skinny, hairy' things called humans) and

Asgard(shining city of the gods).

Odin also creates the first humans by finding two trees and 'muttering something' into the leaves, to create the first man and first woman.

And, as a final touch, Odin connects Asgard to Midgard with a rainbow bridge called Bifrost.


SING-A-LONG to Odin, Mighty World Creator.

Here's the backing track

Das Rheingold is an opera by Richard Wager, a German Composer.

As the opera comes to the end, Donner – one of the Viking gods – calls up a storm and the air clears to reveal Bifrost, the rainbow, forming a bridge to the gods’ new home.

LISTEN carefully to the end of the clip. (It should in the right place when you click play. It is the last minute.)

Can you hear the lightning strike, followed by a roll of thunder, followed by the shimmering music for Bifrost?

Can you say why this music is suitable to depict the rainbow bridge?

Do you notice again the use of horns (trumpets, trombones, french horns etc.) in the music?

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