Y4 Music Lesson - Week 4 - 11.05.20

We're moving on from ANGLO SAXONS to VIKINGS

Did you know that like the Ancient Greeks, and the Romans, The Vikings had lots of different Gods?

Every week we are going to learn a song and listen to a story about the different Viking Gods.

We're going to start with Loki

Meet Loki - our storyteller and the subject of our first song.

Loki is the god of fire and friend of Odin, chief of the gods.

But he's also a trickster - just consider some of the things he does in the stories: he steals Freya's necklace...he gets a humble villager into trouble with Thor...he helps the giant Thiassi to abduct Iduna. But he's cunning and able to get out of any scrape - in part by using his magic shape-changing ability.

In the first story Loki tells how Odin creates Jotunheim (home of the giants), Midgard (home of humans) and Asgard (home for the gods)...and connects Asgard to Midgard with Bifrost - the rainbow bridge.

FIRST let's learn the song in this weeks lesson clip. Have fun.



Here is the SING-A-LONG for Loki the Joker.

BACKING TRACK for Loki the Joker, so you can hear yourself sing.


In 1892 Jean Sibelius composed En Saga.

It was inspired by Norse mythogology. That means stories from Norway.

The title means a saga or a story.

Listen to a short clip and answer these questions (Stop when you hear the big crash of the cymbal)

1. Tempo . Do you think the music is fast or slow?

2. Do you think this clip is from near the beginning or the end of the complete work?

3. What words can you use to describe it?

4. Can you hear any instruments that also feature in the music for our Vikings Saga Songs ?

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