Y4 Music Lesson - Week 1 - 20.04.20


I want you to start to learn the Solfege hand signs, to help us to improve our singing.

This is an easy beginners guide.

Watch the clip.

Make the signs and sing the words.

Next week we will start to use the hand signs when singing new warm up songs. It's good brain training!


Say and Clap/pat/tap rhythms. Don't forget that we say Ta-a instead of To-e



Anglo-Saxons liked to gather in the lord's great hall, to eat and drink, to listen to stories with music and sing songs together. They loved tales about brave warriors and their adventures. 

They were great craft workers and made their own instruments.


The main instruments used in Anglo Saxon music were

Wind - flutes and horns

Strings - Lyres – string based instruments

Percussion – drums and rattles

The Lyre, is a stringed instrument made from wood. The strings are made from gut.

The flutes are made from bone.

The horn is made from the horn of a sheep, goat or cow.

The cow horn rattles are made from polished cow horn with a wooden handle. They are filled with seeds.

The drums have a wooden frame with animal skins stretched over.


Let's listen to the sound of the Lyre.


Enjoy singing along. You will recognise the tune.

If you want to sing on your own to a backing track, write down the words and use the Ghostbuster karaoke for your backing track.

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