Y4 Music Lesson - Term 6 Week 5 - 29.06.20



Iduna's magic apples give the Viking gods immortality.

Loki isn't that fond of her...so when he is forced to help the king of the giants against the gods Iduna's apples provide the perfect opportunity to cause mayhem.

ENJOY learning the song.


In Parts1and 2 of the story Odin and Loki journey to Midgard and when lunchtime comes Odin orders Loki to use his skills to make a pot of stew.

The stew will not cook and a great eagle in the trees above them reveals that he has put a spell on the pot...and they must allow him to share the food.

When the eagle takes too much Loki beats him...only to be carried into the air.

Later the eagle reveals that he is in fact Thiassi- king of the giants- and he wants Loki's help in a plot against the gods.

Loki must persuade the goddess Iduna to come out of her garden with her magic apples so that Thiassi can seize her. The gods rely on her magic apples for their everlasting youth and deprived of them they will grow old and frail.




1. How does Loki start the fire to cook the food?

2. Why will the stew not cook?

3. Who is Thiassi?

4. How does Loki try to persuade Iduna to leave her garden?

5. Why does Iduna refuse to leave her garden?

6. How is Iduna finally removed from her garden?


‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ is a famous piece of orchestral music from The Ring Cycle by Richard Wagner which tells a long sequence of Viking-inspired stories over many hours. The music accompanies a group of Viking goddesses riding on horseback across the sky

LISTEN to the music and answer these questions.

1. What words could you use to describe the music? Write them down.

2. Can you hear the rhythm of the horses’ hooves in the music? Clap the rhythm.

3. What pictures does the music create in your imaginations? Draw a picture inspired by the music.

4. What instruments are prominent in the music? Write them down.

LISTEN up to 01.25 minutes




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