Y4 Music Lesson - Term 6 Week 2 - 08.06.20



Time to meet Thor, god of thunder.

The song celebrates storytelling...and in the first part of our saga Thor and Loki are on their way to Jotunheim when they stop at the home of a villager... and Loki finds a new way to cause trouble.


THE STORY - Thor and the Giants - Part 1

Loki says that great stories need great characters - and that Thor is a character who makes for a great story, because everything he does is that little bit 'different'. Thor is a sworn enemy of the giants of Jotunheim and in this story he ventures into the frozen home of the giants, taking Loki with him for company, intent on challenging the giants to a contest.

In the first part of the story Thor and Loki go as far as Midgard, where they spend the night with a humble villager. Thor slaughters his two goats for meat, warning Loki and the villager during their meal to keep all the bones safe. Loki - up to his tricks again - whispers to the villager to ignore Thor and break a bone or two if he wishes.

In the morning Thor brings the goats back to life with a magic spell - but there's a problem...one of the goats is limping.


1.Why are Thor and Loki going to Jotunheim, land of the giants?

2. What is Thor's chariot pulled by?

3. What food does the humble villager offer Thor and Loki in Midgard?

4. What does Thor forbid both Loki and the villager from doing?

5. What does Loki tell the villager to do with the bones? 


Listen to this clip of music up to 1.20 and then pause. You can listen to the whole piece later.

DAWN by Benjamin Britten from the Peter Grimes opera.

Can you answer these questions as you listen?

  1. What sort of atmosphere does the music create?

  2. Can you hear the high and low notes?

  3. Can you hear the movement of wind across the top of the water?


Think about the different things that you might see at dawn.

The sun peeping of the horizon.

The calm of the fact water.

The waves gently lapping at the shore.


Use the following notes to make a wave melody on EasyXylo app or Virtual piano


Find other sounds around your home to layer on top, to create texture.

So maybe a sparkly/shimmery/bells sound for the rising sun. Maybe use keys, or if you have wind chimes or a tambourine.

Perhaps a shaker to make a gentle crescendo/decresecndo (gradually getting louder/softer) of the waves.

Put all your sounds together to create your own Dawn sound.


With Lyrics


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