Y4 Music Lesson 25.03.20



We're going to start off with some rhythm improvisation.

1.Pat the pulse on legs with both hands for 8 counts. Keep steady, try not to speed up

2.Clap, click, pat a rhythm for the count of 8.


Do this with the backing track below.

Why not get everyone in the family to join in, and take turns to clap the rhythm in the 8 beat gap, whilst everyone else pats the pulse, like we do in class.


Join in the call and response with the clips below.


You can either play this game on your own or with your family. Use a very small teddy instead of a beanbag, or an upside down plastic cup.

To start

Say - Pick up, knee, knee, down, clap

Repeat in time with the music.

Try with teddy, or cup.

Easy Version -

Use one hand.

Pat the floor in front of you.

Pat each knee

Pat the floor in front of you


To help you remember, say - Floor, knee, knee, floor, clap

Watch the clip to help you know what to do.

Once you have got the hang of it, do it along to they backing track.

Keep practising. Remember 'Practise makes Progress.'

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