Y4 Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hello Blue Class!

This week we are learning all about how to have a healthy, balanced diet and how that helps to keep our digestive system healthy.

Watch the following clip on the five main food groups and see if you can write the answers to these questions in your books.


  1. Can you name 4 food that belong in each of the 5 food groups?

  2. Vegetables are either the _______, ________ or __________ of a plant.

  3. Why is it important to eat food from every food group?

  4. Can you find out the other name for 'grains' (clue: it begins with a C!)

Task: Over the next few days use your books to write a food diary. Try to write down all our meals, drinks and snacks and see if you can put them into their different groups. For example: Lunch - A cheese sandwich, popcorn, yogurt and an apple Dairy - cheese, yogurt Carbohydrate - bread, popcorn Protein- cheese Fruit - apple Challenge: Can you design a menu (main, drink and pudding) that contains all of the food groups? You could even draw a picture or make a collage of what your plates would look like.

We would love to share some photographs of your work, so if you are happy for them to be included on this site, please email them to Leanne or Felicity - email addresses on the contacts page.

Have fun! Emma

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