Y3 Topic Wk 5 Daily Life For Ancient Greek Children

Check your answers. Were you able to identify these gods and goddesses?

Fact Check

Who-What-Where! Tell someone:

Who - name 5 Ancient Greek gods or goddesses.

What – Give an example of something the Ancient Greeks did to worship the gods.

Where – name the place where some of the Greek gods were believed to live.

Two of the very most powerful city-states were Athens and Sparta.

They were both powerful, but were very different to each other in their laws and lifestyles.

Life in Athens

Athens was the largest city-state in Ancient Greece. For a time it was also the most powerful. Athens was near to the sea and became rich from its successful trading with other places. Slaves performed manual jobs like building. Reading and writing was seen as being very important, and free-men (called ‘citizens’) enjoyed art, philosophy, plays and festivals. The city was built around a hill called the Acropolis, which was the site of many temples including the ‘Parthenon’, a famous temple of the goddess Athena which can still be seen today.

Boys in Athens went to school to be educated between the ages of 6 and 20. They would learn to read and write. Girls were not seen to be as important as boys. Girls stayed at home instead of going to school.

Athens was famous for being the city-state to be ruled by a democracy. Instead of having one king who made all of the decisions, citizens of Athens were allowed to vote about how the city was run. Not everybody could vote though, as slaves, women and foreigners did not have voting rights.

Life in Sparta

Sparta was an inland city protected by mountains, making it difficult to invade.

However, the mountains alone were not enough to protect Sparta from potential invasion. Sparta built an incredibly fierce army. Strength, fitness and obedience were highly valued in Spartan society and everybody was trained in these things. Most people lived in basic farming houses or in training barracks. There is not a lot of evidence of buildings left from Sparta today, nor are there many written records, because reading and writing were not valued in the same way as learning to fight.

Boys and girls in Sparta were allowed to go to school. School was about learning fitness and strength so that people could become warriors. Boys were taught to fight in harsh and brutal conditions because they would grow to become Spartan warriors. Girls were taught combat skills and gymnastics. Although women did not fight in the Spartan army, they were expected to become physically strong mothers who would bear strong warrior sons. In Sparta, women were given much more freedom than in the other city-states. Some Spartan women even competed in the Olympic games.

Sparta was not a democracy like Athens. Instead it was ruled by two kings, who made all of the decisions. Sometimes one king would be away fighting in a war while the other would stay at home to rule the city.

Athens Vs. Sparta

Athens and Sparta were very different cities to live in.

Your task is to decide which city you would prefer to live in if you were alive in ancient times at the age that you are now. Write a balanced argument to explain your decision.

Below you will find some sentence starters that will help you to form your balanced argument.

If I could live in Athens or Sparta, I would choose: My main reason is: Another reason is: One thing that I would not like about it would be: In conclusion, I would still prefer it to the other city because:

I wonder which city state you will choose...

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