Y3 Topic Wk 3 Significant Greek Figures

Who were the ancient Greeks?

Follow this link to some information to help you to find out about the ancient Greeks.

What did the Greeks do for us?

Follow this link to a short video clip which explains how ancient Greeks changed the world.

On the BBC web page click on each of famous Greeks to hear about what they discovered or studied.

Below you will find the names of some more famous Greeks and the areas of learning that they influenced.

How do we know about the past?

A lot of what historians know about Ancient Greece has been uncovered from archaeological finds, such as Greek pots that were used for oil or water, that were decorated with scenes from daily life.

Look at the following pictures of Greek pots and try to work out which scenes each pot shows.

What three things may a historian infer about Greek life from the scenes shown?

Think about what the people are doing, wearing and what you see in the background

If you would like to find out more about Greece go to this website.

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