Y3 Topic Tremors Wk 1

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Welcome to your final term in Year 3!

I hope you are all happy and well.

We are finishing the year with quite an interesting topic. We will be revisiting some bites of learning that we have covered previously and building upon them as we progress through this topic.

Tremors! What does this mean? I hear some of you ask. Well, all will be revealed as we continue our learning journey.

What I want you to do is:

  1. Create a spidergram with our topic name in the middle.

  2. Now write down or draw all the things you can think of that relates to tremors.

You might not know much now but you will be able to add to your spidergram each week as you learn new things.

This is what a spidergram is.

Why not write down some questions that you would like to be answered related to this topic.

Email them to me so I can help you to find the answers.

There are loads of clues on this blog post about this topic.

Below you will find our knowledge organiser.

See you in the next blog post.


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