Y3 Science Wk 2 Identify and name bones

Hello Green Class,

I hope you are all well. Below you will find three tasks to complete.

Task 1

Where are our bones?

Ask someone at home to complete this task with you. If this isn't possible don't worry.

*Draw an outline of your body.

**Feel your bones to get an idea of their size, shape and location.

Now swap your finished skeleton with your partner.

I want you to now look at an image of a human skeleton.

How does your or your partner's drawing compare?

Tick the bones that are correctly drawn.

Were you able to identify the bones in your body?

Did any confuse you? If yes why?

Here is a skeleton labelled with their common names.

Time to get up and get those bones moving.

Task 2

What are the scientific names for human bones?

Watch the video below all about bones.

Can you label a skeleton using the scientific names?


You've been given the first letter of each word to help with labelling.

Task 3

Animal Bones

Below are outlines of different endoskeletons. Can you draw what you think each skeleton looks like?

Label the bones with common names.

Now it's time for a song! Enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed your learning.

If you have any questions about bones send me an email and I'll answer them in our next science blog.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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